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Calming Flaxseed Eye Pillow

Calming Flaxseed Eye Pillow

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A calming Eye Pillow that balances the nervous system and keeps the mind calm. Simply lay it on your eyes and let your worries unwind with the incredible lavender scent and weighted sensation!

NagihanDesigns makes sure of using quality ingredients and materials to ensure it is safe for our bodies and sustainable for the environment. We strive to use local wildcrafted, organic, fair trade ingredients as much as possible.

A weighted Eye Pillow should be an essential part of your self-care kit. It reduces stress and anxiety, relieves tension headaches, and allows deep sleep. They are especially exquisite with the added bonus of herbal aromatherapy.

The Eye Pillow measures at 4x9, constructed with an inner lining to guarantee a balanced weight and maintain the herbal scent. It’s filled with a mixture of dried lavender flowers and flaxseed. You can also choose to pick an unscented version that is filled entirely with flaxseed.

It comes with a SATIN cover which makes it easy to remove and wash. To hand-wash, the Eye Pillow covers it in warm or cold water with mild detergent and lays flat to dry and warm iron it. Sky Blue Lavender Flaxseed Hot Cold Pack, Mother's Day Gift, Unscented Scented Eye Pillow, Yoga Gift, Lavender Eye Pillow, Gift for Mom

This is SATIN fabric, not Silk Fabric!

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