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Removable Cover Lavender Sachets

Removable Cover Lavender Sachets

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Removable Cover Lavender Sachets. This listing is for two lovely lavender sachets. Would make a wonderful gift for anyone, including yourself!

The Lavender sachet measures 4x4 inches and is filled with dried lavender buds.

This beautiful lavender sachet will bring the scent of summer into your home all year round. Sachets can be used to refresh a closet or drawer or can sit on the bedside table to fill your sleep area with calming scents. Silk Dupioni Fabric Lavender Sachet for Home Fragrance, Herbal Sachets, Set of 2 Lavender Drawer Sachets Natural Moth Repellent, Party Favor

They make wonderful gifts: hostess gifts, bridal shower gifts, bridesmaids, teachers, mothers, sisters, roommates, thank you gifts, party favors, and more!

Lavender also repels insects such as moths, fleas, and mosquitos.

Lavender Sachets not only can be used in closets and drawers but they’re also great to pack along for travel anxiety. Toss in your carry-on, and when a little relaxation is needed take a few deep breaths of the heavenly scent of lavender. Toss one in your diaper bag, office desk drawer, your workout bag.

These will keep their scent for years to come. Simply squeeze the sachet gently to release the smell. Take deep breaths, and enjoy Lavender’s numerous benefits.

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