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Calming Eye Pillow with Flaxseed

Calming Eye Pillow with Flaxseed

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NagihanDesigns takes pride in using high-quality, all-natural ingredients and materials in our Calming Eye Pillow with Flaxseed. A must-have in every self-care kit, this 4x9 pillow is filled with a mixture of dried lavender flowers and flaxseed, providing a soothing lavender scent and a gentle, weighted sensation. For those with sensitive skin or who prefer a more neutral scent, there is also an unscented version available. The outer 100% cotton cover can easily be removed and washed, making maintenance a breeze. Plus, you can customize your therapy experience by heating the pillow in the microwave for warm therapy or chilling it in the freezer for cold therapy. With its ability to reduce stress and anxiety, relieve tension headaches, promote deep sleep, and provide a touch of herbal aromatherapy, the Calming Eye Pillow with Flaxseed is an essential addition to any relaxation routine. Please consult your physician before using any essential oil products if pregnant.

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